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ver the past few years there have been dozens of gutter cover products introduced into the market. All of these products make similar claims regarding performance. Here are some facts to help you sort through some of these claims:

  • Any and all perforated products will clog.
  • Any and all filter products will clog.
  • Any solid cover product with a continuous opening in the front will allow enough debris into the gutter to clog the system.
  • Any solid cover product with a continuous opening can allow birds to enter and nest in the gutter thus clogging the system.

Gutter Topper®

Gutter Topper® has had extensive testing performed by an independent testing laboratory (Asphalt Technologies 1-813-621-5777) and the following results are documented in writing. A copy of these results can be made available upon request:

  • Handles 21 inches of rainfall per hour
  • Withstands a load of 300 pounds per lineal foot
  • Withstands sustained winds of 110 mph

Any quality home improvement product is only as good as the mechanic installing the product.

Gutter Topper® will not sell their product to any contractor until they are factory trained and certified as an authorized installer at their facility in Amelia, Ohio.

Some of the other benefits of the Gutter Topper® system

  • Fastened to the gutter using ½” stainless steel screws, not clips or plastic brackets.
  • Every installation is custom fitted to your roof system. Gutter Topper® is not a “one size fits all” product.
  • Stanchion system is continuous across front which provides support for heavy snow and ice loads, prevents wind lift or vibration and eliminates bird nesting.
  • Backed by manufacturer’s 20 year material warranty, and a lifetime transferable performance warranty