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What are Snow & Ice Restraint Systems?

Snow and ice restraint systems (also known as Snowguards) are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. They prevent damage caused by avalanching snow and ice that is typical for sloped roofs that have a smooth surface; ie: metal roofs, standing seam metal roofs, slate roofs, etc.

Without a prevention device, the accumulated snow and ice can then slide off the roof surface in one big release, causing a great deal of damage: Cars get crushed, gutters and plumbing vents are often stripped from the roof, ground-mounted mechanical units are destroyed, roof surfaces below that higher roof get smashed, heavier blocks of ice crash through atrium windows or skylights, expensive landscaping is destroyed, and most important, people can be injured.

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Snow and ice restraint systems are a very good investment. For the private home, it affords assurance that large banks of snow and ice will not suddenly slide off the roof endangering a family member. We have all heard the rumble of large slabs sliding to the ground. It can be very dangerous! Our restraint systems allow the snow and ice to melt slowly, not posing a threat to those walking around the house.

For the business owner, it is a liability issue. You must ensure that your building is safe for your visitors. You must take every reasonable precaution!

With our 15 years experience installing snow and ice restraints, you can rely on Damian Petry Gutter Solutions to provide the right system to meet your needs. Call us for more information on these products (888) 737-3879).

  • Pad, pipe, and color guard are available for every type of roof

  • Innovative, flexible designs allow for custom installations as necessary

  • Available in painted steel, copper, aluminum, Galvalum, or zinc

  • Will not yellow or break down like plastic pieces

  • Extensively tested in the field

  • Recommended layouts and quotes provided<

  • 15 years installation experience