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Before you purchase ANY maintenance-free gutter system, you should educate yourself on the following basic installation information…

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Damian Petry Gutter Solutions Installation Specifications

The design of any gutter system is based on the existing conditions at the site. Roof type and roof condition along with fascia type and fascia condition are the primary factors to be considered. The “levelness” of the existing fascia must also be taken into consideration.

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions pitches the gutter using a level inside the gutter and achieves a pitch that equates to approximately ¼” in 10 feet. If the existing fascia is pitching the opposite direction of the desired drainage location, an alternative design may be needed. Damian Petry Gutter Solutions performs a number of customized installations based on the existing conditions. When designing any system Damian Petry Gutter Solutions considers the function as well as the aesthetics of the finished product. An installed system that looks good but doesn’t perform as needed is of little value; in addition, a system that will function but looks awkward on the building is not a good solution either.

The following is a list of the most common conditions and the applications used under those conditions.

Material of Gutter System: In our seamless aluminum gutters, we only purchase .032 thickness from our vendor. There are different thickness’s of aluminum and we have always used .032 for our New England Winters.

Flat plumb fascias:

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions uses the hangtite hidden hanger, screw attached through the gutter into the fascia at 16 inches on center using Deckmate Evercoat 1-5/8” fasteners. A continuous bead of silicone is applied to the back of the gutter before it is attached to prevent water from getting between the gutter and fascia.

Angled fascias:

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions uses the hangtite hidden hanger, screw attached through the gutter into the fascia at 16 inches on center using Deckmate Evercoat 1-5/8” fasteners. Aluminum wedges matching the color of the gutter are applied every 16 inches on center to keep the back of the gutter plumb.

No fascia or steep angled fascias:

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions uses strap hangers screw attached to roof under shingles at 16 inches on center using Deckmate Evercoat 1-5/8” fasteners. At roofs with metal flashings, strap hangers can be screw attached to roof over the flashing and sealant applied over screws, or the fascia can be built-out to allow the hidden hanger application.

Fascia Build-outs:

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions performs a variety of fascia alterations in order to accommodate the gutter installation best suited for your particular project. The fascia work can range from adding a single board to complete removal and rebuilding of the fascia. If fascia work is required as part of your project, your Damian Petry Gutter Solutions representative will discuss these options during the onsite review.


The number and placement of the downspouts can be a major contributor to the aesthetic appeal of the completed project. On most residential projects, Dalyn uses 2-1/2” x 3” fluted downspouts with a 2-3/4” outlet at the gutter. The larger 2-3/4” outlet allows the downspout to handle the runoff for up to 800 square feet of roof surface. Larger 3”x4” downspouts are also available for conditions where the distance or the roof surface requires a larger capacity. Downspouts are attached using pipe bands which are screwed to the building and wrapped around the downspout providing a secure “vibration free” installation. ½” stainless steel zip screws in a painted finish to match are used to secure the pipe bands to the downspout. This allows the downspout to be easily removed by the homeowner for painting or cleaning of siding.

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May 7, 2011

Damian Petry Gutter Solutions Opens in New London, NH

Gutter expert Damian Petry opens a new gutter company in his hometown of New London, New Hampshire.


Gutter expert Damian Petry and his wife, Lynn, announced today the formation of their new company, Damian Petry Gutter Solutions LLC, to coincide with their relocation to New London, New Hampshire.

The Petrys, the former owners of Dalyn Solutions/Worth’s Seamless Rain Gutters of S. NH & VT, formally based in Concord, New Hampshire and Sudbury, Massachusetts, said the reason for the move has a dual purpose. “First,” said Damian, “having the company centrally located in New Hampshire allows us to service towns in the Upper Valley like Lyme, Etna, Lebanon, and Hanover, New Hampshire along with the Woodstock, Quechee, Norwich areas in Vermont, while remaining close to the Lakes Region, and areas around Moultonborough, Meredith, Gilford and Alton Bay, and even southern Maine and the York, Wells, Ogunquit, Kennebunk, and Biddeford areas.” Lynn adds, “The second reason is that we are now focusing solely on seamless gutters. The new company name will help brand our line of work and also carry the name that our past customers have come to rely on – Damian Petry.”

Eleven years ago Damian was the first to bring maintenance free gutter systems (gutter covers) to the New England area. After much research and testing, he selected Gutter Topper, an automatic, heavy-duty gutter cleaning system which eliminates the annual chore of gutter cleaning and is capable to withstand our New England winters, as his first choice in gutter solutions. The Gutter Topper’s unique design prevents leaves, branches, and animals from blocking the gutter, while its strength makes it capable of withstanding heavy snow and ice loads – qualities that are imperative for any New Hampshire residential commercial gutter system.

With over 8,200 happy clients, Damian Petry is New Hampshire’s gutter installer who lives up to his goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

About Damian Petry Gutter Solutions:
Damian Petry Gutter Solutions sells and manufactures roofing gutters, aluminum, copper and seamless gutters, downspouts, cleaning systems such as the Gutter Topper, and snow and ice restraint systems for residential and commercial applications. Damian Petry Gutter Solutions offers free quotes always uses a no-pressure sales approach. The company services all of New Hampshire, Vermont, and southern seacoast Maine.

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